Josef & Philipp Bründlmayer are located in Grafenegg in Kremstal

Winemaker – Phil Bründlmayer

The vineyards are all chemical free and fully sustainably farmed

The conflict potential between the sons of winemaker and their fathers could easily fill some volumes – Josef & Philipp of the Bründlmayer family would not feature in them. Although Philipp has taken charge over the family’s estate, his father still plays a vital role in it; which comes to no surprise, since he knows every single vine in their 52 vineyards. A lot of them he planted himself, some others he cosseted and nursed back to health in order to make them fulfil his intentions: namely to vinify terroir-shaped wines which tell about their origin and represent their variety.

Standstill was already an alien concept for Josef and it is also lost on Philipp. Due to that he continues with the same drive for innovation and ideas what his father started in 1980. The preconditions however are significantly better. While his father started the project of becoming a winemaker without cellar or even a pump, Philipp took over 18 hectares of vineyards: most of them are planted with Veltliner and a good part of them rate among the best in all of the Krems Valley: Moosburgerin, Gebling, Tiefenthal, Vordernberg & Steingraben are synonymous for dense and substantial but also vibrant and structured wines. In order to adequately transfer these qualities from the vine into the bottle, Philipp applies some principles which can be summarized as a mixture of keeping himself in the background and careful action.

He does neither interfere with insecticides nor herbicides and does not use chemical fertilizers. A lot of the vineyard work is done manually. The grapes are carefully selected and harvested by hand.   The local aspect also plays a vital role. On the one hand he tries to represent the natural conditions authentically while on the other hand he increasingly favours regional grape varieties with Neuburger leading the way. Alongside Veltliner and Riesling this old Austrian grape slowly developed itself into one of Philipp’s specialities. Exotic and lemony flavours define its aroma profile while juicy texture and vibrant tannins add to its structure.  Every single vineyard is vinified separately in order to mirror the terroir and its differences as precise as possible. The most important wines of the estate are matured individually and beyond their specific hallmarks they bear substance, character and potential.

Kaisersteige Grüner Veltliner
Zweigelt Rose