Jochen Clemens is in Wintrich in the Middle Mosel

Winemaker – Jochen Clemens

Organic Viticulture

In 1993, Jochen Clemens, took over the winery that has been in the family for many generations from his father. After completing a master’s examination and continuously modernized and expanded the business.

I completed my training to become a master winemaker in the Bischöfliche Weingütern Trier and in the wineries Johann Brille and Reinhold Brille in Piesport, with whom I still maintain a close relationship today.

With 80%, Riesling has the largest share in our 5 hectare vineyards, followed by Pinot Blanc, Rivaner and Kerner.

In the area of ​​the Middle Moselle, my winery is the only one that welcomes the Elbling, which was originally brought to the Moselle by the Romans, into its vineyards.

My winery includes the top locations “Wintricher Ohligsberg” and “Dhron Hofberger”, which give the grapes in sun-drenched steep slopes the best conditions for a special wine.

I also cultivate vines in the Wintricher Großer Herrgott, Stefanslay and Piesporter Treppchen vineyards (in front of the mountain). In the Piesporter Treppchen vineyard there are 190 year old vines that are mentioned in documents.

My passion as a master winemaker is reflected in my wines.

“The quality of the wine is created in the vineyard and in the wine cellar”

I produce high-quality and healthy grapes with intensive vineyard work and a lot of passion. This means that my grapes stay on the vine for as long as possible in harmony with nature in order to later fully develop their taste in the wine.

In the wine cellar I work with spontaneous fermentation. With this time-consuming commute, the character of the individual vines and vineyards of each vintage can be worked out particularly intensively. Every single bottle of a vintage is an unmistakable pleasure.

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