Big Sky Wines are on Te Muna Road in Martinborough

Winemakers – Katherine Jacobs & Jeremy Corban

Certified sustainable and organic

Jeremy is a 4th generation winemaker, from a family with a 100 year winemaking history in New Zealand. Katherine is pure energy and passion, she studied viticulture and winemaking from New Zealand, while living in France, and doing vintages in Bordeaux.

For Katherine & Jeremy, fine wine is all about place.  And people.  The philosophy is simple.  Make the best wines they can, not the most wine they can.  The goal is wines that are a true expression of place.

They do that best by being very attentive in the vineyard, and a light touch in the winery. And since terroir is at the heart of the wines, they look after the environment.  At Big Sky Katherine & Jeremy practice certified sustainable viticulture, and are committed to using organic principles when they can.

Te Muna Road Pinot Noir