Accuro Vineyards are in Uco & Cafayate Valleys, Mendoza

Winemaker – Alejandro Canovas

The Vineyards are farmed responsibly

The Accuro winery is based in the premium high altitude Argentine wine making region Tunuyan, Valley de Uco, Mendoza. Valley de Uco is based at an average of 1200m above sea level therefore giving some rather unique climatic conditions. Cold winters and warm summers with high temperatures during the day and cool night. During the vegetative season there is a difference of temperature between day and night of approximately 15°C, allowing the development of excellent colour and tannin.

The production of wines itself is overseen by winemaker Alejandro Canovas who, due to more than a decades of experience in Bodega Vistalba de Carlos Pulenta, has an excellent reputation and is highly respected throughout the wine industry. Director, Fernando Podesta, comes from an important family with a rich history in the world of wine, allowing him to observe decades of his ancestors wine production. Finally, Francisco Orlando takes care of the commercial development of products, which are constantly evolving for the world wide market of wines. Accuro wines produces a limited and small production line of Accuro Reserve ‘Inspirado’, a blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon and two straight varietals, Malbec and Cabernet.

The vision at Accuro is to develop a range of wines that are distinguished by the quality and innovation of all the New World has to offer. The Company is committed to the development of sustainable activity in the vineyard and winery and are looking to provide a better quality of life for future generations.

Inspirado Malbec Cabernet