Trust Wines – Nagambie, Central Victoria

Winemakers – Don Lewis & Narelle King

Trust is a formidable winemaking partnership between Narelle King and Don Lewis. Don is a true legend of the Victorian and Australian Wine industry, and was responsible for a new direction with Victorian Shiraz and aromatic richer white styles for over 35 years as Chief Winemaker at Michelton Wines.

Narelle was appointed trainee winemaker at Mitchelton under Don and assistant winemaker Toby Barlow. Narelle had previously been a numbers bod as an accountant, before starting her studies in winemaking in the 90’s.

The area around central Victoria’s Goulburn Valley region is known as Nagambie Lakes. The region is distinctly warm with a typical inland valley floor climate and substantial night and day temperature variations’. The heat is mitigated by the abundance of lakes, billabongs and creeks associated with the meandering Goulburn River as well as occasional river breezes. Irrigation water and loose textured sandy, gravelly soils typically produce generous yields without compromising colour or flavour. Shiraz has been the principal grape grown in the Goulburn Valley for over a century.

The vineyards where the fruit is sourced are Don’s own vineyards in Nagambie and two other sites well known to the duo. Trust highlights the importance of Confidence, Dependability and Integrity when making great wine for the consumer.

Though vastly different in age and experience, the colleagues quickly developed a mutual respect for each other’s winemaking skills as well as a shared passion for the total food and wine experience. Trust Wines were not only the reunion of Don and Narelle, but it was the birth of a label that exemplifies wines of the region with texture flavor and finesse.