Fratelli Serio Battista Borgogno  – Barolo Piedmonte

Winemaker – Marco Bolla

The winery has been located on the hill of Cannubi since 1897. The family history goes back to the 1850’s when the Cavalier Francesco Borgogno began producing wines for the family tavern. The cellars were left to son Lodovico, he intern passed them to sons Serio & Battista. They were able to grasp the great potential in a place now regarded as one of the great Cru’s in Barolo.

In addition to owning 3 hectares on the top of Cannubi, Borgogno Family passionately grows its own as well as some other rented vineyards for a total amount of about 7 hectares mainly located in the counties of Barolo, Novello and Diano d’Alba. The whole job, from the pruning to the thinning stage and to the selection of the grapes before the harvest, are personally run by the Family, in order to obtain healthy and genuine grapes, and to produce a wine that authentically reflects the land from which it comes.

The winery is now run by Serio’s daughters Anna and Paola Borgogno, with the fifth generation Frederica now an invaluable part of the team. Marco Bolla and his daughter passionately work in their vineyards and in the cellar, personally leading every step of the process, from pruning to harvest, from pressing and bottling.