Fattoria di Cinciano  – Chianti Classico Tuscany

Winemaker – Valerio Marconi

The Cinciano Estate lies in Poggibonsi, an ancient hamlet on the Elsa and Pesa Valleys. It followed the same fortunes of the area and was eventually annexed by the Florentine republic. The Estate is owned by the Garre family who bought the estate in 1983. Winemaker Valerio Marconi, is a very passionate winemaker who belongs to the area and takes every opportunity to maximise the quality fruit grown on the estate and turn it into balanced, full and flavoursome wines, that are approachable although lend themselves to careful cellaring.

During the past 30 years major renovations to the vineyards and winery have been carried out, keeping a firm handle on the heritage of the old winery and estate. Careful adhering to the precise vineyard philosophy, working with 100% Sangiovese which is the symbol of Tuscany.

The hill stands out in the sun in front of San Gimignano, on the opposite side of the valley. It is the last hill on the West border of Chianti Classico.

The mission is to create quality Chianti wines and to enhance the characteristic of Sangiovese. Extra care is taken with manual harvesting, sorting and processing of the fruit. Traditional methods of winemaking are employed in the cellar to try and capture all that is Sangiovese.