Aranda De Duero, Ribera Del Duero D.O.

Winemaker – Antonio Diez Martin

Sustainable Viticulture

Bodega y Viñedos Martín Berdugo is a family run winery in Aranda de Duero, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero.

The story starts in 1990 when the family decided to set off on our viticultural journey. This journey is our illusion and dream to give a new meaning to the family land which holds so many family memories and sentiments.

It was then, trusting in the great potential of the newly formed Denominación de Origen de la Ribera del Duero, that Josefina Martín Berdugo decided to plant the vines, where they had been planted for over two hundred years by her ancestors. This decision was made with the support and collaboration of her husband Enrique and three children Antonio, Bruno and Pepa.

The first harvests of these “grapes of hope” were sold to other wineries in the Ribera del Duero, until finally in 2000, the winery was built and the  journey started in the exciting world of producing and selling Martín Berdugo.

The winery is located on the banks of the river Duero, in the bend just before the Arandilla waters flow into the Duero. We sit on the Castilian meseta, 800 metres above sea level. The extreme climatological conditions make the Ribera del Duero one of the most remarkable and prestigious wine regions in the world.

The winery is in the centre of the vineyard, which is one plot of 104 hectares. A privileged land, formed from river soil, covered in rounded pebbles which hold the heat and humidity, thus enhancing the maturing process. This land gives the grapes their unique flavour and color. The 87 hectares of trellised vines are the Tinto Fino or Tempranillo variety, the emblematic grape of the Ribera del Duero.

Barrica Tempranillo

MB Reserva Tempranillo