Leheny Gibson – Yarra Valley

Winemakers – Lorraine Leheny, Warren Gibson 

Lorraine and Warren have a much broader and also more focussed approach to the Chardonnay variety than most wine enthusiasts are aware of. They have created the Leheny Gibson label which is a representation of their collaborative work with their Australian winegrowing friends in the Yarra Valley, Australia (Lorraine hails from Melbourne, so this is familiar territory). It is an exploration of the contemporary Chardonnay style outside of their home in Hawke’s Bay. They have sourced fruit from the Gladysdale district in the cooler Upper Yarra, and made their wines, employing hand-picked fruit, skin and whole bunch input, higher solids in the ferment and natural yeasts for fermentation and MLF.

Larger oak formats for maturation are preferred. Lorraine and Warren’s aim “is for wines with extra-added interest, a slightly crooked leg that adds to the appeal rather than detracts”. The Leheny Gibson label has within its scope, the making of other wines, not only Chardonnay, to be made in other regions.