Established in 1983 on the picturesque slopes of Porongurup Mountain within the Great Southern region. Named after the imposing ‘Castle Rock’ that sits within the National Park, the vineyard was one of the earliest planted in the region.

The first vintage was made in Frankland River, with the grapes carted 100 kilometres. The wine was then bottled in the Swan Valley. While it was well travelled, the Riesling was awarded a gold medal, giving confidence that the vineyard was well situated. The winery, built in 2001, marked a new era, and gave further control over the winemaking process.

The Riesling’s Rob is making range from traditional dry styles through to off dry, and the super structured A&W Reserve Riesling. Along with the 4 styles of Riesling Rob also crafts ‘The Diletti Chardonnay’ and ‘Porongurup’ Pinot Noir which also show the diversity and ability of this cool climate region to produce outstanding examples of these varieties.