O’Barca d’Valdeorras, Valdeorras D.O. in Galicia

Winemaker – Marcos Santalla

Traditional Farming


Valdeorras translates in English as ‘Valley of Gold’. Thought to be a source of the precious metal around Roman times. The Roman occupiers are believed to have planted vines after the gold rush.

During the Middle Ages the vineyards were taken over and managed by the religious orders. After a centuries long period of decline, the 19th century saw the area take off again.

In the 20th century, in the 1970s experiments were conducted to reintroduce the native Godello grape variety. The region was given it’s official DO status in 1945.

At Bodega Eladio Santalla, the vineyards are all dry grown. Godello and Mencia dominate the region. The winery is small and compact, and brothers Marcos & Eladio are certainly considered limited production producers, creating focused,  refined & well balanced wines.

Cool conditions provide great acid and delicate flavours. The brothers also run a restaurant in O Barco de Valdeorras, which serves  truly delicious Octopus or as it’s known locally ‘El Pulpo’

Along with the Hacienda Ucediños Godello and Mencia there is also a small amount of the 2016 Barrel Mencia on the first shipment.

Hacienda Ucediños Godello

Hacienda Ucediños Mencia