Sanxenxo, Rías Baixas D.O.

Winemaker – Ivan Lima

Sustainable Agriculture

Adega Eidos is a family winery which started its business project in 2000, making Albariño wine under the Denomination of Origin Rias Baixas since 1993, inaugurating the new building in Sanxenxo in 2003. Located at the southern end from the sub-area “Val do Salnés” on the foot of a hillside called “Padriñán”, where there are many immemorial small plots which provide the winery with it’s ain source of fruit.

The Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin is spread across a group of areas in Galicia which have common physical features that identify and produce their wine’s characteristics. They are lowlands, with an altitude generally below 300 m, near the sea and related to the lower stretches of river courses. This determines the climactic characteristics of the Atlantic influence of mild temperatures and high and well-distributed precipitation, with steady rainfall in the summer months.

The climate and the “terroir” of the area gives to the albariño grape a great quality, it means that the result, is an Albariño wine with a great mineral and structure. The harvest is made between half september and half october. From the picking up in Adega Eidos we take care every time the elaboration process to make the best wine.

During the harvest the first selection over the bunches involves taking out the damaged fruit, and taking immediately getting the right bunches into the winery. After the fruit is received them in the winery, it is weighed and  the plots are identified, and  a grape analysis to check the quality of the grapes done. Then a second selection of the grapes on the sorting table, taking out other damaged bunches or bunches not are on the right ripeness or right quality levels. After that, then destemming, crushing and cold soak process for making at a low pressure pressing.

Padriñán Albariño